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Fly Lights
Mantis 1 x 2

Mantis 1 X 2

Non-Electrocouting GLue Board Fly Trap

The newest model in the Mantis collection, this sleek, compact unit can be wall mounted. Using two 15-watt bulbs to attract the fly to the glue board, the Mantis 1 X 2 can cover 6000 sq. ft.

Dimensions: 12.4" wide / 19" high / 2.6" deep

Colours: White and Stainless Steel

mantis 2 x 2

Mantis 2 X 2

Non-Electrocuting, Glue Board Fly Trap

This open-backed unit is ceiling-suspended allowing coverage in larger, more open areas. Ideal for supermarkets, shipping docks, and loading areas, the Mantis 2 X 2 is effective for spaces up to 1300 sq. ft., using two sets of 15-watt bulbs placed on either side of the adhesive boards.

Dimensions: 12.4" high / 19" wide / 5" deep


Genus Spectra Compact

Non-Electrocuting, Glue Board Fly Trap

Ideal for use in areas where space is extremely limited. This unit features a slim sleek design, just 2.7" deep that can be installed vertically, horizontally or in corners in the tightest of locations. Brandenburg Universal glue board positioned behind the attractively designed screen panel, resulting in a quick reduction in flying insect populations.

Dimensions 6.4" high / 20.4 wide / 2.7" deep


Vector Classic

Non-Electrocuting, Glue Board Fly Trap

Captured flies are not visible. Two 15-watt ultraviolet lights.

Dimensions: 12" high / 21.4 " wide / 6.5" deep

Gilbert Night Hawk

Gilbert 705 Night Hawk

Powerful Ceiling-Hung Electrocuter

Intercepts night-flying insects in most shipping, receiving, and warehouse areas, when the task cannot be accomplished with low, wall mounted traps. Consider low traps first. Made of aluminized steel.

Dimensions: 53 1/8" wide / 13 1 /8" high /8 11/16" deep

Gilbert Guerilla

Gilbert 220 Guerrilla

Multi- Purpose and Portable Electrocuter

Open top design allows placement down lo on the floor or wall-mount waist high or ceiling height. Made of aluminized steel., Six foot, 3-wire grounded power cord. Standard 115v/60hz.

Dimensions: 20" wide / 14" high / 7 3/4" deep

Flying Venus

Gilbert 2002GT Flying Venus

Non-Electrocuting Glue Board Fly Trap

Eliminate flies in public areas. Use in conjunction with at least one larger, more powerful, professional fly trap. Bottom of trap placed 6'4" from floor. Choose decorative power cord (6 ft., 115v grounded) or hard-wire version. Draws 43 watts of energy.

Dimensions: 24-3/4" wide / 11-1/2" high

Depth slopes: 5-7/8" to 1-7/16"

Colours: white, Antique Brass

The Don

Gilbert 601T The Don

Highly Effective Electrocuter

For corner or flat wall. Mount low, tap of trap below 5 ft. Finished in anodized aluminium. Frame and interior structure made of aluminized steel. Six foot, 3-wire grounded power cord.

Dimensions: 54 3/16" high / 16" wide / 4 3/4" deep

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